Sea Peoples

Sea Peoples
   A general, collective name used by modern scholars to describe a group of peoples who underwent a major migration in about 1200 b.c., in the process attacking and destroying large parts of the eastern sector of the ancient Near East. The term Sea Peoples is somewhat misleading because not all of these migrants traveled and attacked via the sea. They seem to have originated in southeastern Europe, although exactly who they were, where they came from, and why they began migrating remains unclear. After ransacking and burning many cities in Greece, Anatolia, Syria-Palestine, and elsewhere, as well as causing the collapse of the Hittite Empire, many of the Sea Peoples settled down in areas they had assaulted. For example, one group ended up in southern Palestine and within a generation became the Philistines, a people famous in the old Testament for their rivalry with the early Hebrews. For a more detailed account of the Sea Peoples, their migrations, and modern theories about them, see also Mesopotamia, history of.
   See also: Hittites; Syria; Ugarit

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